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"As a physician, I rely on Clabaugh pharmacy for compounded medications. Nate can always find a way to serve my needs. Many of my patients find that they are better suited to the compounded bioidentical hormones rather than the traditional formulations available by prescription."

Women's Health Care Professional

“I have been taking natural hormone replacement therapy for several years. Initially after my hysterectomy I was taking a synthetic hormone. I experienced break through symptoms of night sweats, hot flashes and mood swings while taking this medication. Since I have been taking the natural hormone I have been symptom free and have more energy”.

57 y/o HRT Patient

“Rick and Nate Clabaugh were instrumental in solving my hormone imbalance after my hysterectomy. They worked closely with my doctor to get the right dose of hormone therapy so I could get my life back on track. I am grateful to Rick, Nate, and their staff for the assistance they provided”.

52 y/o HRT Patient

“Clabaugh Pharmacy is a very friendly family owned drug store which I’ve been going to for years. I just love their handy drive-thru and helpful staff. Rick and Nate take very good care of all my families health needs. Also, a few years ago, Nate got me started on natural hormone therapy in which I am very pleased with”.

71 y/o HRT Patient

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